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Wellness + Lifestyle

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Air dry styler

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with converting engaging direct response content
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Voiceover problem+solution / Sunscreen

Lifestyle vlog / Skin prep

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Lifestyle GRWM

UGC & Product Photography

Product photos will be taken with a professional camera. Most UGC photos taken with IPhone 13 Pro.

What can I do for you?

Organic content for social media

Offered as monthly retainers - content in a consistent style increases brand identity and familiarity!

Monthly Video Packages

Long-form Content

UGC or Product Photography

Included organic usage rights in pertuity

Paid Ad Content (15-30s)

Testers are ideal for A/B testing video variations.

Popular: Tester Packages

Add-on hooks + calls-to-action

Usage, b-roll, raw footage, whitelisting

Script reading

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Multiple hooks to test ad performance the best bang for your budget

Customizable packages are available! Please contact me for more info.

Why brands work with me

Hi! My name is Charine (shur-reen).

I'm a highly-skilled content creator specializing in high-converting, scroll stopping UGC for Tiktok/IG and ads.

  • extensive knowledge in the art of creating authentic & converting content
  • integration into brands' marketing strategies, building engagement in today's saturated social media world

Whether you're looking to boost sales through paid ad media or build a loyal community through consistent organic content, I have a phone and a lot of charisma, and I've got you!

  • Photography experience
  • Content creation for 2+ years
  • I research your brand, campaigns, content strategy, competitors, target demographic persona
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Partner with me!

I can't wait any longer to work with your brand and take part in its growing success.